Front-end Developer is what I call myself these days. I've been practicing this “sport” (developing in general) for some 20 years now and yes, this is actually sports, with all those «obstacles» (browsers) to overleap and the constant «running» to catch up on the developments. The last decade or so I devoted myself to Front-end development — HTML, CSS and JavaScript, emphasizing on web standards while leaving all my back-end (PHP, MySQL, ASP) knowledge behind.

  • On 1997 I got my first job in the field at Zoobidon+ Communications where I worked with great people in large projects, until 2003 when the money source …dried up and everyone got his way. Except one, every website that we built at that period is now offline — they would be outdated by now anyways and I've grown a lot since then!
  • On 2003 I got a job at MG Manager (this site has changed, twice, as it should have!), where I made a fresh e-commerce website and an upgraded back-end application to administer the site. At the same time I did a couple of projects like (who also upgraded the site, before closing down due to the “economic crisis” of 2009).
  • From 2005 until the end of 2009 I worked on Kastaniotis Editions, maintaining, updating, upgrading and lastly building (front-to-back end) a new website with more and better information about the publications, members area, better e-commerce and administration pages for all of the above. This site was published on 2009 and desperately needs a redesign!
  • From the very first working day of 2010 until the 11th of June, 2012, I worked for Atcom. I was responsible for a small team of HTML Authors and, despite some ups and downs, I believe that the projects from those days where quite good. Some of the projects I did during that period are: The smile of the child,, Migato, ΑΥΡΑ, Compact Disc Club.
  • In the middle of June, 2013 I came to Generation Y and got me a place in the newly formed Front-End Development department. I do HTML5 / CSS3 Authoring and jQuery and here are some projects that I’ve contributed to: Zen Maison, Aid Box, Genius Systems, Gpharmacenter, Megatek, Biomed Code, Ayurveda Hellas, Sticky, Our home, Viva Pharmacy, Ipirotiki Facility Services S.A., Pharmasofia, LAPIN HOUSE, Εύα Μακρή, gogreek, Θεολόγος Σμυρνιόπουλος, Royal Blue Trading & Services, Access Fashion.
  • From February 2017 I work for Liquid Media, on some of the most populaw Greek sites (like, with the ambition to make them modern, fast and beautiful — we’ll get there, no doubt about it!
  • I was a “SitePoint Ambassador” until Aplir 2016, helping the community of fellow web developers in any way I could, something I still do as a SitePoint contributor and author.

Panayiotis «pvgr» Velisarakos

Front-end Web Developer