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Senior web developer, specializing in front-end development. “SitePoint Ambassador” until April 2016. Experienced in all stages of website creation, on different tech stacks and numerous platforms. Flexible in working environments, having positioned in startups, small businesses and digital agencies.


Remote Debugging for Front-End Developers


Deep knowledge of standard HTML and CSS with a touch (or two) of accessibility and an eye for detail. Good knowledge of ECMAScript 2015, a great amount of experience with jQuery programming for websites, and some Vue.js too. Familiar to various back-end techs and stacks, as well as modern front-end tools, like webpack and Gulp, and also TDD methodology. Highly interested in accessibilty and performance, obsessed with “mobile friendly” websites and webapps.

Work Experience


Full-stack Web developer | 2019-

Optimized, updated and rewritten a large part of Deskware, a “cloud-based customer support solution” built with Vue.js 2. Started an internal Wiki project to document code and features that would eventually ease the onboarding of new members to the team and scale the application. Contributed code to newly created products, both commercial and for internal use, build on Angular — a new stack for the company and team.


Senior Front-end developer | 2017–2019

Optimized TTFMT for a bunch of news publishing, Drupal-based websites, serving millions of pages per month. Created front-end build architectures with Gulp and webpack (Sass to CSS, Twig to HTML, etc.). Organized Git documentation and code snippet repository. Implementing redesigns, features and bug fixes.


Senior Front-end developer | 2013–2017

Led a group of up to 7 front-enders. Standardized build architectures on a Rails stack. Written documentation, and code snippets / templates in Twig and ES6. Developed pixel-perfect and mobile-friendly e-commerce and brochure websites.


Front-end developer | 2010–2012

Managed a small team of up to 6 front-end developers, working on PSD to HTML templating with jQuery for interactivity. Introduced CSS3 and HTML5 to the team.


Full-stack developer | 2005–2009

Built an e-commerce website, front and back, with PHP and MySQL, and an administration dashboard. Migrated publication databases.


Full-stack developer | 2003–2005

Updated e-commerce website, front and back with ASP and Microsoft SQL. Created administration application on VBA. Migrated data from Microsoft Access.


Full-stack developer | 1998–2003

Web and (Macromedia) Flash developer.

Personal projects

  • Front-end authoring, jQuery programming for Forky (redesigned)
  • Font-end authoring, jQuery programming for Cookisto (archived)
  • CSS components @ Codecanyon

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